Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there a difference between a will and a living will?

 A. Yes.   A will generally indicates who you want to receive your property items when you die, who you would like to be your personal representative, and the like.  A living will primarily deals with whether you would like to have feeding and breathing tubes removed in certain circumstances where you are permanently unconscious. 


Q. If I get an Ohio divorce or dissolution of marriage, will I have to appear in court?

 A. If you get a divorce in Ohio, whichever party or parties are the ones granted the divorce will have to appear in Court.  It is possible for only one party to appear, depending upon the situation.  In a dissolution of marriage case, both parties are required to appear in Court.


Q.  How do lawyers charge?

 A.  There are several different methods for determining lawyer fees, depending upon the type of work and effort involved.  We believe it is generally a much better idea to consult with a lawyer directly in an office conference setting, so that the lawyer can learn what kind of matter you have, and make some initial decisions about it, before discussing fees. 


Q.  Is there a fee for a first conference? 

A. Our office will not charge you for a first conference




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